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Confronting Workplace Violence

27 Mar

AgressionWith the issue of workplace violence still a lingering threat in our country, Integrated Security Services relies on years of experience to provide businesses and their employees with a sense of safety and well-being.

Violence in the workplace is, without doubt, a frightening prospect. As it’s a place where most of us spend at least 40 hours of our week, it’s only natural that we expect to feel safe, comfortable, and welcome while we’re there.

Unfortunately, many don’t always feel this way. Violence in the workplace is an unfortunate reality in our society — according to CNN, 9% of workplace deaths in 2013 were the result of homicide. And although the number doesn’t appear to be increasing, it’s still a truly upsetting statistic.

In light of this harsh reality, it’s time to facilitate a real dialogue on how these issues can be handled with the care and sensitivity they deserve. Workplace safety is a top concern, and it’s important to take the necessary steps to establish its enforcement.

Establishing a Safe Environment

The first step towards ensuring safety in the workplace is to create a welcoming environment, void of any potential triggers for violence.

New York City’s Duty to Warn and Protect Policy offers a great framework for doing so, according to the New Social Worker, explicitly stating that counselors or therapists have a responsibility to inform third parties or the authorities if a client appears to pose a threat to him or her self or other individuals in the workplace.

Taking this policy as inspiration, government officials and corporate executives around the country should start considering specially tailored, creative solutions and approaches to prevent and combat strife of any kind within the workplace.

Putting Systems in Place

Laws established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) already require employers to meet certain criteria in protecting the safety of their staffs. We encourage all organizational leaders to review and understand these important pieces of legislation, as they detail the essential (and lawful) aspects of running a safe and respected business.

In addition to considering every aspect of their workplace in meeting legal standards, OSHA expects employers to establish hazard prevention programs and health and safety training courses to ensure that their employees are prepared for any situation.

More specific precautions OSHA advises include limiting public parking, requiring ID cards to enter a facility, hiring security guards, and installing extra lighting on the premises.

Preventing workplace violence is a full-time job, and a thorough security system provides the foundation of any safe work environment.

Let Integrated Do the Job


Integrated Security Services is a private investigation and executive security firm devoted to helping you and your coworkers feel as safe as possible in your place of work. Since 1994, we’ve broadened our scope to include law firms, event planners, private schools, and numerous other institutions and organizations.

We provide full-service security and investigative services with a unique individual touch — something that’s often lost in this line of work.

Integrated understands the importance of your well-being, and personally sees to it that their services are as effective as possible while seamlessly integrating (no pun intended) into your organization’s existing security framework.

With a comprehensive workplace safety program that’s proven to get results, Integrated is a trusted name in the field of professional security. Our simple, three-step protocol is not only tried and true, but can also be adjusted to better fit the standards of any workplace.

We promise a full review of current workplace policies, practices, and procedures, followed by an update to your company’s prevention program and protocol.

Moreover, we provide personalized staff training sessions to ensure that everyone in the workplace is on the same page. Just like that, your employees can have a lot more peace of mind every time they step into the office.

Thanks to years of invaluable experience and unmitigated success, Integrated can confidently assure you that our violence prevention services will create an office environment in which you feel safe, secure, and entirely comfortable with your surroundings.