Integrated Security Services, Inc., New York

When Outsourcing Security Services Makes Sense

25 Sep

With the launch of the new Steve Jobs bio-flick, I thought it would be appropriate to start this post with a quote by Mr. Jobs:

Hiring the best is the most important task. ~ Steve Jobs

Clearly Mr. Jobs believed, like many CEOs and entrepreneurs who go on to build successful companies, protecting your greatest asset, your workforce, is a top priority. How does one protect oneself from having their best and brightest “cherry picked” by others seeking what you have worked so hard at building?

As you might imagine, this can become a rather combative discussion, with at least one party coming up short. I am of the position that empowering clients makes for a healthier and more successful partnership; therefore, I am dedicating this months newsletter to answering why outsourcing your security services makes better business sense than building your own proprietary workforce. For one, we are the experts!

In order for me to further advance this concept, you and your organization must first recognize that focusing on your company’s core competency is clearly more important than becoming security experts. Security mistakes can be costly mistakes, not only to the individual(s) who are immediately affected by them, but to your brand as well.

Credibility: Using a reputable and seasoned security provider adds a level of credibility to your life safety solution and proves to stakeholders that you have in place a valued partner.

Cost: Whether its one or more officers, operating expenses associated with developing and maintaining an in-house security work force can be costly, especially as labor policy changes and health care reform is broadly implemented and enforced. Let’s also not forget being compliant with state regulations for licensing security professionals. Outsourcing can reduce head count, HR support costs, pension benefits, etc., thereby helping to maintain or reduce your budget.

Expertise/Training & Compliance: The private security industry is constantly evolving to meet the demands of changing technologies in an increasingly unsettled world. Employing a qualified security provider offers you access to a larger group of experts, resources and manpower.

Resources: Independent security providers can offer you many more staffing options, including access to local and state law enforcement professionals and other emergency responders. Outsourcing provides access to broader resources and solutions that translate into greater operational efficiency.

Operations: Independent security providers are in a unique position to act as strategic partners based on their size, experience, knowledge and diverse client base. We have the infrastructure and capacity to handle multiple events and requests for service, in addition to customizing our staff and solution to offer seamless integration into the client’s corporate culture.