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Irony Alert: The TSA Didn’t Screen Its Own Employees

02 Jun

TSA screening from above dan paluska/flickr

The TSA has recently fallen under scrutiny for bypassing their traditional employee background screening process. Integrated Security takes a personal approach to personal security to avoid these sorts of costly hiccups.

Yes, I’m afraid you read that title correctly. The Transportation Security Administration, an agency under the supervision of The Dept. of Homeland Security, otherwise known as the reason you dread going to the airport, is facing heightened scrutiny at the moment for not properly investigating potential employees during the hiring process.

According to an article on the Huffington Post, Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport is facing a large backlog of employee background checks and making hires before those checks are completed. This issue can be partially attributed to a change in the digital system through which new employee information is processed.

While almost every part of our lives is handled by computers and automation, perhaps we should consider a more personal approach when it comes to safety matters this important.

The Problem with Automation

While the TSA’s system failure in Atlanta is a serious one, it’s certainly not the only time a price has been paid for choosing automation over thoroughness. Virtual systems provide the enticing advantages of being quick, intuitive, and simple, and applicants can often complete the process from the comfort of their own homes.

However, we can easily see where and how problems arise here. Just like what happened at Hartsfield-Jackson, applications and background checks can go missing, pile up, or simply get lost in a computer program’s endless database.

So when it comes to something as important as the protection of you and your family, doesn’t a detailed and personal approach make more sense?

What Integrated Security Services Offers That’s Different

Integrated Security recognizes this problem with the current state of our airports’ security and has quite a few recommendations and methods to improve the quality of their screening process.

Since 1994, Integrated has closely observed all the digitization in the world of background investigations and wisely chosen to stick to tried-and-true, reliable methods of doing business. Our mission remains to support our clients’ needs through empowerment, awareness, and by offering strategic solutions. Perhaps a bit more traditional, but far more reliable.

Service You Can Trust

Integrated’s hands-on approach is a breath of fresh air in a world dominated by massive databases and automated, password-protected systems. Establishing performance standards and managing expectations are key to addressing our clients’ pre-hiring needs.

Yes, we use these databases and technologies, but it’s the trained eye of each of our investigators that makes the difference.

With services spanning from personal security to in-depth background analyses, Integrated Security Services’ experience is unparalleled. When it comes to background checks and pre-employment screenings, we offer affordable and thorough packages that are completed on a case-by-case basis.

Make The Right Choice and Choose Integrated Today

While the realities of modern security can be harsh and sobering, we have to realize that they are, in fact, realities. And to learn that the TSA, one of our country’s most important domestic enforcement agencies, is experiencing issues with their hiring process gins up some truly worrying thoughts.

The harsh reality here is that our dependence on computers and automation has left us vulnerable to the glitches and hiccups that can come with them.

Fortunately, Integrated treats these issues with the seriousness they demand and makes your security concerns our highest priority. Contact us today and see how Integrated can help you build a safer and more reliable future.