In the aftermath of the September 11th attacks and with a venue new to our organization at a time of heightened security, I valued the insight you offered before the event. Your consideration of the nature of our work and assurances that every security detail had been considered was crucial to the success of the dinner. Additionally, your staff was efficient, courteous, and well prepared for the evening’s events.

Your participation and help has been indispensable to our effort to continue to offer our courses to our members. For this we are grateful and look forward to working with you in the future.

John Bartunek and staff did a wonderful job throughout the season at our home games. They did an exceptional job! I never had to worry about the safety or security issues for the event.

Integrated Security has distinguished themselves as flexible and innovative business partners. Their professional staff and dedication reflect pride and integrity uncommon with other security providers withing in this industry. Integrated Security Services comes highly recommended as your complete security services provider.

I would like to thank you and your staff for the wonderful service you provided. I would also like to make special mention of, and thank, Mr. Perry S. Kantor who was extremely helpful in dealing with a situation that arose during the convention. Mr. Kantor advised me well and dealt with the matter very professionally, courteously and expeditiously while making me, and other attendees, feel very comfortable and safe by his presence.

ISS has always been responsive to our needs, interested in being an active part of the College community and has maintained high hiring standards. Additionally, ISS is a diversified security contractor who has provided us with investigative, technical and consulting services when necessary. NCC is fortunate to have a team of security officers who take pride in their work, are well trained, present themselves as professionals and keep their word.

Thankfully, nothing was taken, but, was it not for the diligent work of Felix Calderon, Jr. it could have turned out differently. I want to commend the work he did that night. It was obvious to me that he takes pride in his work and I am grateful to him for getting in touch with my doorman.

Behind the scenes, your dedication and attention to detail provided us with the best security coverage for each of our events. The flawless execution of the security plans is directly attributable to your outstanding knowledge and foresight, for which we are extremely grateful.

Thank you for your generous and thoughtful donation of Executive Level Security Services to the Ronald McDonald House of New York.

The commitment, dedication and professionalism that everyone demonstrated were commendable. They have taken great measures to ensure that the store does not become a haven for criminal activity and that the customers and employees are safe. Many supervisors and police officers comment regularly about the great work done by your security personnel in catching shoplifters, assisting the police in their investigations, and providing safety measures for the public.