I’m not sure this email should go to you, but I wanted to praise the work of Ray, the security staff member who monitors people entering the building. His is a thankless job, trying to enforce a new policy that will make the school more secure and safe, while facing the inevitable grumbles of parents and caretakers who are accustomed to a less organized and less consistent method of checking in and out of the building. Friends Seminary Testimonial 2014

Integrated Security Services, Inc. was found to be highly responsive to our needs. The individuals assigned to provide security were dedicated professionals, demonstrating complete integrity. Integrated Security Services is highly recommended to meet your security needs.

We at City-meals-on-Wheels were delighted to receive your recent contribution from Integrated Security Services.

I wanted to alert you to the fact that the Integrated Security Services and more specifically, Vinny Durso was of invaluable assistance during the entire snow emergency at the subject property.

On 11/1 ATL had a visit from the TSA …in the screening area and he watched the screening activities and interviewed one of our screeners. Upon exiting our facility he commented that “everything appears to be perfectly in order” and for us to “keep up the incredible work”. The DGF ATL facility is indebted to all who make these successful visits possible. Great work!

We had a surprise visit from TSA on Monday morning. They were here to audit our CCSF. We received a favorable report. The screeners acquitted themselves quite well. Please cascade our thanks and congratulations along with a reminder for everyone to remain vigilant.

Your participation helped make these shows (Las Vegas Operations) an outstanding success.

I wanted to write to let you know that I really appreciate how Sean Gambrell dealt with a serious incident last night involving one of our students nearly being shot in front of the school.

Integrated Security Services has provided unarmed security coverage on the Plum Island Ferries and docks in Old Saybrook, CT from February 2004 to present. Mr. Omar Holliman, Integrated’s primary watch stander on this job has been particularly helpful, reliable, and of value to our operation and security needs.

The professionalism of your staff was greatly appreciated. In the face of some very challenging moments, your staff remained impartial, courteous and well prepared for their assignments. I was particularly impressed by the pre-season preparation put forth, and the comprehensive approach with which Integrated Security Services managed this project.