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Seen At 11: New Devices Can Offer Personal Protection On The Go

14 Jan

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — It’s a scary truth, but no one is immune from random acts of violence.

As CBS2’s Alice Gainer found out, there are new devices that we can carry and even wear that can provide some safety, act as a deterrent to crime, and offer protection on the go.

“I was taking a shortcut and a man crossed my path and began to deliberately walk towards me,” Siren founder and chief executive officer Kat Alexander recalled.
Alexander managed to get away, but the terrifying episode inspired her to develop the Siren Ring.

“If you activate the top face of the ring it will activate a 110 decibel alarm that is intended to startle and repel an attacker,” she explained.

Alan Schissel, President and CEO of Integrated Security Services, said that loud, unexpected noise like an alarm or a device like the Siren Ring, literally screams for help and can be a life saving deterrent and scare an attacker away.

“Any sound is going to startle and bring attention to you, and I think that’s a good thing,” Schissel said, “The fact that you are creating noise is going to bring attention.”

A smartphone can also become part of your security detail. A new app from First Sign Technologies records audio and video evidence and calls for help.

“This is the alert button. You can press and hold it. It’s great when walking to your car or for short periods. When your thumb is released it automatically triggers the alarm,” A.J. Emanuel, CEO, First Sign Technologies explained.

There are also wearable panic buttons that have the same alarm and help features.

“The pod can be worn in the headband to automatically detect a head injury during a violent crime,” Emanuel said.

A bracelet loaded with pepper spray from Little Viper is a fashion accessory that can come in handy during a life threatening emergency.

“The more tools that we bring into our lives to help us with our personal safety are good as long as you don’t adopt a false sense of security and get lazy and complacent,” Schissel said.

Experts agree, staying alert and aware in your surroundings is an important first step in self-defense.

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