Integrated Security Services, Inc., New York

Security Services

At Integrated Security we have provided high quality security solutions to clients for over two decades. Our experts come from a background in law enforcement, military and other security related professions. Because of this we have well over one-hundred years of experience when designing, implementing and carrying out your security. Our security measures have proven themselves time and again whether it is armed security, security logistics or special event security. Feeling secure means being able to rest easy and focus on what matters most to you. Below are some of the services we offer with links to more detailed information. If you have questions, please call or use the contact form on the right.

Physical Security Services

Physical security is the oldest form of security and remains the most important one today. We’ve been developing physical security solutions for more than two decades. We offer services such as armed/unarmed security, Executive Close Protection Services, Neighborhood Community Patrol and much more. Our professionals have experience in law enforcement and military. Don’t leave your physical safety or those of others to chance. Click here to learn ore about our physical security services.

Special Event Security Services

We have a unique approach to event security services; we look at what all our competitors are not doing. We develop a security checklist that takes an “all hazards” approach to planning your event and its security. Our process is comprehensive and takes into account the totality of all risk factors and the unique aspects of each event. We understand the importance of ensuring your event goes off without a hitch and that your attendees are as safe as possible. Click here to learn more about our special event security services.

Security Operations & Logistics

Too often security issues pop up during transportation because not enough intelligence and planning went into the preparation phase. An air-tight plan involves the coordination of resources, personnel and information, such as cultural & religious beliefs, transportation systems and more. Some of our services include Canine Explosives & Weapons Detection, Electronic Countermeasure Sweeps (Debugging) and Secure Travel & Transportation Services. We make security logistics integrate with your plan seamlessly and without interruption. Click here to learn more about our security operations & logistics offerings.

Access Control Solutions

Figuring out what the right access control solution is for your business can be difficult. It depends on your environment and what technology best interfaces with it while not causing trouble. We have a well-developed and proven series of phases which go like this:

  • On-site consultation & survey
  • System design
  • Installation & testing
  • Training
  • Maintenance

Some of the services we offer include Security Site Inspections and Surveys, Review Preliminary Architectural Plans and Custom Application Development. Click here for more information about our access control solutions.

Certified Cargo Screener Program Administration:

Since 2001, all companies have been required to screen cargo. This has cut into profits and slowed down the process of shipping. At Integrated Security, we have found a way to cut down on the cost. We do this by providing both the line labor and supervision, along with managing all administrative and compliance related matters. We provide detailed background checks on everyone and use well trained staff. This saves you money and makes the process even faster. Click here for more information on our certified cargo screener program administration services.