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Security Operations & Logistics

Security operations and logisticsSecurity operations and logistics are designed to facilitate the safe management and movement of people, goods, information and other resources between a specific point of origin and it’s final destination.
In some cases these same strategies can be applied to fixed locations as well. In order to address these matters, our seasoned Executive Protection teams are given specific checklists, along with carefully vetted intelligence.

The process of developing a strategic security plan involves the coordination of resources, personnel and information such as, cultural & religious beliefs, government ideology, transportation systems, medical care facilities and local law enforcement.

This, combined with current validated intelligence, will allow our protection teams to formulate contingent responses and strategies which significantly reduce risk.

Sample Services

Advanced Paramedics and Medical Transportation

No one can plan for every emergency, but careful planning of your special event will help you determine what additional assets are needed. Advanced Paramedics and Medical Transportation offer our clients peace of mind that all medical emergencies receive prompt attention and transportation to a doctor or emergency facility of your choice without delay.

Canine Explosives & Weapons Detection

Explosives & Weapons Detection Dogs are widely used by those who are looking for protection and defense against acts of terrorism. The high visibility and omnipresence of dogs and handlers deter would-be perpetrators and provide you with an added layer of protection. Services and programs can be adapted to Office Buildings, Malls, Stores, Aircraft, Public Terminals, Mass Transit Systems, Mail Rooms, Arenas, Convention Centers, and more.

Electronic Countermeasure Sweeps (Debugging)

Electronic Countermeasure Sweeps (ECM) are a comprehensive electronic, visual & physical examination of sensitive spaces, including vehicles of any type, by trained technicians using laboratory grade instruments to ascertain whether an area is free of technical eavesdropping devices and to detect technical security hazards & vulnerabilities. Also conducted, are physical inspections of wires, cables, interfaces, wall outlets, etc., which are checked for any type of covert listening or video devices.

Liaison with Outside Agencies & Municipalities

Our security and investigative solutions are often developed utilizing specialized staff and project managers with military and law enforcement backgrounds to function as your on-site liaison with outside agencies and first responders. Knowing what to say and how to say it, often bridges complex relationships with government officials and agencies. This dialogue often expedites the resolution of problems and has a positive impact on the bottom line.

Secure Travel & Transportation Services

This comprehensive solution, custom developed for the discerning client, offers peace-of-mind for corporations, business executives and VIP clients. Integrated will organize business or personal travel plans utilizing the services of our Executive Protective staff in order to ensure that your travel plans address all the important safety questions and facilitate quick and secure passage to all your destinations.

Security Advance

Knowing what to expect and how to navigate safely through your day is critical to corporate executives and their assets. A well organized security advance and scheduled briefing can keep busy executives well informed and safe. Knowing the social trends and behaviors, political climate, available emergency medical care and what government assistance exist, are just some of what an prepared executive should travel with.

Special Event Security Surveys

Understanding the dynamics of a large venue is critical in selecting the best security staff and solution. Access control at high-profile events require strategic planning & resources. Utilizing seasoned security professionals to handle your special event needs increases the margin for success. Special events introduce a wide array of additional needs, such as: traffic & pedestrian control; street obstructions; paparazzi & media; and medical emergencies. The cornerstone to any successful special event security solution is, preparedness for the planned & unplanned events.

Threat Assessments

Risk and vulnerability assessments evaluate any weakness that can be exploited by a terrorist and/or predator. Assessments also test for vulnerability across a broad range of identified threats and hazards, which provide the basis for determining the best physical and operational security measures needed to protect the asset.