School Safety & security Services

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In light of the numerous violent attacks that have, and continue to occur in our country’s schools, it can be a daunting task determining what level of school safety best fits your schools needs.
Many schools make the wrong choice or no choice at all jeopardizing the lives of staff and students.
Many schools have found themselves on the defendant’s side of a lawsuit for failing to properly vet their professional consultant and/or follow through on the written recommendations of that consultant.

Knowing what you need to reduce risk requires a willingness to recognize your vulnerabilities and committing to a multi-layered strategy in order to protect your greatest assets. Our consulting process is typically developed over four fundamental phases:

  • Assessment of Current School Safety Procedures
  • Development of New Procedures and Protocols
  • Security Staffing-Training-Exercises
  • Reoccurring training, audits and updating of procedures and protocols.

The Facts

Most school-associated violent deaths occur during transition times immediately before and after the school day and during lunch.

Kids SafetyViolent deaths are more likely to occur at the start of each semester.

In nearly 50 percent of school homicides, perpetrators gave some type of warning signal, such as making a threat or leaving a note, prior to the event.

Firearms used in school-associated homicides and suicides came primarily from the perpetrator’s home or from friends or relatives.

Homicide is the second leading cause of death among youth aged 5-18. Data from this study indicate that between 1% and 2% of these deaths happen on school grounds or on the way to or from school. These findings underscore the importance of preventing violence at school as well as in communities.

How Safe Is Your School?

In a 2015 nationally representative sample of youth in grades 9-12:

  • 7.8% reported being in a physical fight on school property in the 12 months before the survey.
  • 5.6% reported that they did not go to school on one or more days in the 30 days before the survey because they felt unsafe at school or on their way to or from school.
  • 4.1% reported carrying a weapon (gun, knife, or club) on school property on one or more days in the 30 days before the survey.
  • 6.0% reported being threatened or injured with a weapon on school property one or more times in the 12 months before the survey.
  • 20.2% reported being bullied on school property
  • 15.5% reported being bullied electronically during the 12 months before the survey.

Why Choose Integrated?

Over the last 23, years, Integrated Security Services has demonstrated uncompromised commitment, responsiveness and dedication to education and awarness. We have years of experience supporting school security and safety, from pre-school through college.

Our mission is to provide your school with the very best seasoned security professionals to manage your access control. We have proven ourselves to be resourceful, dedicated professionals and work directly with you to enhance a positive learning environment and foster student and community pride.

Violence: In schools throughout the US is not a new phenomenon. Our mission as a full service security provider is to educate, empower and assist you with enforcing the security/safety policies of your school. If none exist, we can assist you with developing an action plan that conforms to your budget, current industry practices and your school’s culture. We can also build a physical security staff to address all your access control needs.

Solutions: Since 1994, Integrated has been providing schools across the country with smart alternatives to traditional guard services. Using trained security professionals, modern access control methods, emergency planning and training, we can shift your schools response from reactive to proactive and increase the potential to save lives. Established evacuation procedures, security patrols, understanding local and national trends in school violence, managing and assessing student threats, and working with the media, are just some of the elements of a well organized school safety program that Integrated can help build for you.

What distinguishes Integrated Security Services from other security companies?

  • Experience
  • Knowledge
  • Leadership
  • Resourcefulness
  • Management Style
  • Communication
  • Proactive Training
  • Diversity
  • Flexibility

Benefits of Outsourcing your Security Services: Outsourcing security staffing responsibilities allows you to remain focused on the core operational need of your school while realizing the following benefits:


With 23 years of experience, using a reputable, seasoned security provider, adds a level of credibility to your life safety/emergency preparedness solution and proves to stakeholders that you have valued resourceful
partners in critical and strategic place.


Operating expenses associated with developing and maintaining an in-house security work force can be
costly, especially as labor policy changes and health care reform is broadly implemented and enforced.
Outsourcing can reduce head count, systems and HR support costs, uniform expenses, insurance liability, pension benefits, etc., thereby helping to maintain or reduce your budget.

Expertise/Training & Compliance

The private security industry is constantly changing and becoming more complex. Employing a qualified security provider provides access to a larger group of experts, resources and manpower. At Integrated our training mandate exceeds state requirements .


Independent security providers offer more solutions than any in-house capability can provide. Outsourcing provides access to greater resources and solutions that enhance greater operational efficiencies. Our staffing solution takes into consideration, contingency staffing for vacations, medical or family leave and unplanned for emergencies. Additional officers will be cross-trained and available in some instances with less than 24-hr notice.


Independent security providers are in a unique position to act as a strategic partners based on their size,
experience, knowledge and diverse client base. We have the infrastructure and capacity to handle multiple
events and requests for service, in addition to customizing our staff and solution to offer seamless
integration into the clients culture.

Risk Management

Outsourcing your security services reduces your need to recruit, train and manage staff, thus reducing direct risk. By separating record-keeping and compliance responsibilities, executive managers can concentrate on performance and leverage the reporting and analysis provided by the security company to make more
informed decisions.


After many successful years mitigating the loss and risks associated with complex work environments, we
have reexamined our best practices policy and how we deliver our services in a fast changing world. Based
on numerous random acts of violence throughout the country, our risk managers have advised us to increase
our general business insurance coverage across the board to protect both our clients and officers from
multimillion dollar claims and defense verdicts resulting from these violent acts. That said, Integrated
Security now offers our clients a broad-form comprehensive general liability policy with minimum limits of
$11,000,000.00 combined single limit coverage against any injury, death, loss or damage as a result of
wrongful or negligent acts by Contractor, its officers, employees, agents, and independent contractor.