Integrated Security Services, Inc., New York

School Safety Consulting

In light of the numerous violent attacks that have, and continue to occur in our country’s schools, it can be a daunting task evaluating the quality of school safety consultants and their firms.

School SafetyMany schools have found themselves on the defendant’s side of a lawsuit for failing to properly vet their professional consultant and/or follow through on the written recommendations of that consultant.

Since 2001, Integrated has been supporting the security, safety and investigative needs of both state and private schools. Our mission is to provide your school with seasoned security professionals to manage your school’s access control and support systems that enhance a positive learning environment and foster student and community pride. Integrated Security is committed to school safety and currently provides staffing at 8 prominent private schools located in New York City.

Knowing what you need to reduce risk requires a willingness to recognize your vulnerabilities and committing to a multi-layered strategy in order to protect your greatest assets. Our consulting process is typically developed over four fundamental phases:

  • Assessment of Current School Safety Procedures
  • Development of New Procedures and Protocols
  • Training and Exercises
  • Reoccurring training, audits and updating of procedures and protocols.

Integrated’s School Emergency Planning services can help your school evaluate the current life safety standards at your school and make recommendations on how to improve response and recovery to an incident. We can assist you with developing crisis response plans, establishing crisis response teams, designing access control solutions, draft your school safety training protocol and table top exercises and refine communication both in and outside of the school facility.

Sample School Safety Consulting Services

Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability assessments identity, quantify and rank the weakness of your security solution. It not only looks at and isolates a specific object or component within the solution, but seeks out the impact or consequences on other elements of the business environment and how to triage your response. Vulnerability assessments also identify the possibilities in reducing ancillary consequences and improving the capacity to manage future incidents.

Develop New Master Emergency Response Plans

Our consults will review all safety and security policies and procedures currently in place, including pre-employment hiring practices and staff and student termination protocols. We will evaluate all security, emergency action/incident plans, as well as post incident response procedures. Our goal is to redesign and/or develop more effective methods to execute emergency procedures, through routine training and user accessible reference material.

Training and Exercise

School safety training helps schools to remain prepared and avoid reactive response. Fear and anxiety can be significantly reduced when your school routinely and openly addresses safety procedures. Our goal, utilizing certified trainers, is to design and implement an applicable life safety-training module for faculty, students and parents. Training material and exercises will be developed, with both universal application and be site specific. All material will be developed around an internal operational hierarchy, beginning with the Emergency Management Response Team (EMRT), security staff and followed by administrative support staff, faculty, students and parent/caregiver. Training levels and material would vary based on the relevant roles each member plays within their defined group.