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Private Investigator Makes New Claims About Robert Durst Case

18 Jun

durst_(1)Think the creators of the HBO series The Jinx covered it all? Think again. A Houston PI claims to have new information surrounding the crimes of Robert Durst.

Ever since HBO unleashed its groundbreaking, six-part documentary, The Jinx, America has been captivated by the troubling story of New York City real estate heir and multiple-murder suspect Robert Durst. While the miniseries was undeniably entertaining and provided some fascinating insights into the mind of this disturbed individual, it’s possible that director Andrew Jarecki may have left a few stones unturned.

According to a Houston-area private investigator named Bobbi Bacha, the investigation into Durst’s misdeeds is far from over. “There’s probably going to be many other victims,” Bacha explained in a recent interview with Houston’s KHOU. More victims? Do tell.

There’s More to This Story

Bacha has been immersed in the Durst case for nearly 15 years — she was first hired as a PI by the family of Morris Black, Durst’s neighbor, whom Durst admitted to killing in the winter of 2001.

At the time of the trial, the jury found that Durst had killed Black in self-defense, but Bacha sees things quite differently — she’s traced the origins of their relationship back many years prior to the killing, according to Crime Feed. Bacha believes, in fact, that Black may have been involved in the disappearance of Durst’s first wife, Kathleen, in 1982. Her theory is that Durst was trying to clean up after himself, and that Black simply knew too much.

In addition to the shroud of mystery surrounding the case of Morris Black, Bacha is also interested in the circumstances surrounding Durst’s arrest in New Orleans. Just before he was apprehended at a hotel where he was staying under an assumed name, Durst made a number of phone calls to Galveston and South Houston, which is why Bacha suspects that he enlisted the help of someone to cover his tracks and evade the justice system.

What’s clear is that this is by no means a “closed case,” as according to Bacha’s suspicions, there’s simply “no telling how many bodies are out there.”

Police and Journalists Don’t Always Dig Deep Enough

While police investigations can often dig up much of the same information that a PI can, the main difference between the two lies in the ultimate objective of each party. The truth is that the primary aim of most police investigations is to secure a charge, and once a suspect has been arrested, they’re almost always able to close the case.

Journalists are also capable of unearthing valuable information while reporting and documenting ongoing investigations, but unfortunately, the driving force behind these investigations is usually public interest — after a perp has been arrested, the story cools down, and the media shifts its focus to a hot, new lead.

It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over

The advantage of using a PI is that they’ll always keep digging — even when other investigations dry up. Established firms like Integrated Security Services have the resources, experience, and dedication necessary to revive cold cases, and to take the most controversial ones as far as they need to go in order to uncover the whole truth (and nothing but the truth).

The case of Robert Durst is the perfect example of a seemingly closed book in desperate need of reopening. It’s important to remember that just because a suspect has been arrested or tried for their crimes, that doesn’t necessarily mean that justice has been fully served.