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Disappointed By the Police? Try a Private Investigator

28 Apr

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For those who’ve experienced — or would like to avoid — working with cops who seem preoccupied or indifferent to your concerns, hiring an experienced PI just might bring you the results you want.

Whether it’s Roman Polanski’s “Chinatown” or Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Inherent Vice” that’s to blame, chances are that Hollywood has given you the wrong idea about private investigators. While the PIs that these films feature eventually do solve their cases, they both cause general destruction along the way, often even breaking a few laws, as Investigative Academy observes.

This is to be expected from the movie industry, with its obligations to exaggeration and excitement, but the true story of private investigators has yet to be told — at least not on film. Instead of looking to the movies for information on PIs, we should turn to the experiences of actual citizens.

By taking the time to listen to their accounts and read up on private investigators in general, anyone in search of answers can find the ideal PI to assist them.

Locating a Myth

In some ways, the Hollywood caricature of a private investigator actually holds true, or at least originates from a kernel of truth. For example, the freewheeling methods of Jack Nicholson’s Jake Gittes, while often used for dubious means, speak to the advantages of hiring a PI.

Because they work under government supervision, police officers face stringent restrictions that private investigators don’t.

Because of constraints like these, police often turn to PIs to work on cases that they can’t realistically pursue any further. As a result, the actual relationship between police officers and private investigators is far more cordial than the movies would have you believe.

In looking to PIs to conduct research that they legally cannot, the police rely heavily on their hard work. Since law enforcement can’t take action until sufficient evidence is gathered, this stage of the research process is vital.

Once a PI has conducted a thorough criminal investigation, police can once again step in and utilize the evidence that the investigator supplied. The legal system thrives because of this interdependent relationship between police and PIs, and would certainly accomplish a lot less without it.

Why a Private Eye

Though private investigators aren’t restricted by the same laws as the police, this doesn’t mean they have free reign over the law. Rather, their flexibility allows them to conduct much more meticulous investigations, and to tailor their process to the client’s specific needs.

As the police have begun to increasingly emphasize responding to crime rather than stopping it, PIs are beginning to fill the role that cops once played.

With the public growing increasingly frustrated by poor police behavior and tactics, more and more people are turning to private investigators. According to the Los Angeles Times, the U.S. private security industry is expected to grow at a 6.3% trajectory in the coming year, reaching $19.9 billion by 2016.

As police departments continue to make drastic budget cuts, citizens will likely grow increasingly frustrated, making the work done by private investigators more important than ever.

The final fictional stigma related to PIs — and perhaps the most egregious falsehood — is that they are hapless freelancers. Most private investigators have worked in other criminal justice positions in the past, and at the very least have an extensive knowledge of how the system works.

In order to earn an investigator’s license, candidates must be extremely knowledgeable and experienced. As major catalysts of our present legal system, there’s no doubt that these men and women will have been highly trained.

Since 1994, Integrated Security Services has been connecting the public with its highly-qualified private investigators. Specializing in a wide range of case types, our PIs will be able to assist you with anything from a cursory background check for a promising applicant to discrete examinations of any suspicious persons or suspects.

Regardless of your needs, they’ll conduct their work in a detailed and professional fashion, collaborating with you along the way to best meet your specific needs.