Integrated Security Services, Inc., New York

Private Investigations & Special Investigative Services

For discreet investigative matters, Integrated Security Services offers a full range of private investigation and specialized investigative services. Our team of private investigators, investigative staff, technicians and specialists are trained in advanced technologies for cutting edge results. Our seasoned private investigators have many years of experience and highly specialized training.

We offer a full range of investigative and specialty services, including surveillance, witness interviews and interrogations, polygraph examinations, consulting services, electronics sweeps (debugging), expert courtroom testimony, forensic accounting and computer (IT) forensics.

Integrated has built a reputation for handling the diverse needs of our clients in a discreet, confidential and cost effective way. We are fully compliant with all local, state and federal laws and expedite all investigative matters to give you the greatest advantage. We are licensed and bonded in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Florida, and California.

Sample Services

Adoption Locates

There are approximately 127,000 children adopted in the U.S each year. Adoption is the legal act of permanently placing a child with a parent or parents other then their birth parents. There may come a time when adoptees may become curious of the identity of their biological parents, in order to learn about their true heritage, and even medical history. Conversely, the natural parents may decide to attempt to locate their child, for the peace of mind that the child was placed in the hands of responsible parents.

Due to the many restrictions and limitations, and the varying amounts of laws within each state, adoption information is one of the most difficult searches to undertake.

There is no one database that a private investigator can use that would provide all the necessary information. Thus, many adoptees, as well as biological parents, retain the services of an experienced private investigator, who is familiar with the different laws and restrictions within their respective state. The majority of the people who call private investigators will, most likely have only limited information, if any at all. It is the responsibility of the investigator to advise the potential client that the adoption search will vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and there is no one set of rules that will apply to each search.

City of New York Department of Investigations – Integrity Monitors

Integrated has been selected by the Department of Investigations, as independent private investigators, in order to ensure that organizations are compliant with relevant laws and regulations. Integrated’s role is to deter, prevent, uncover, and report any unethical and illegal conduct committed by an organization, occurring within the organization, or committed against any organization. Integrated monitors may be voluntarily retained by an organization, or imposed upon an organization, by a governmental agency or court order.

Clinic & Treatment Inspections

Integrated has investigators that are able to conduct undercover visits and inspections of medical facilities, in order to document and memorialize physical office conditions and secure any documentation or billing records which would support fraudulent activity.

Criminal Investigations

Integrated has experienced former law enforcement professionals from a wide range of investigative backgrounds to assist in the review and investigation of criminal matters. Services can include, but are not limited to; interviewing police officials, witnesses or inmates, taking written or recorded statements obtaining police records, and setting up polygraph examinations.

Matrimonial Investigations

What does it mean to uncover the truth and how much will that cost?

These questions and others, are generally overlooked by the average private investigator. In fact, most private investigators become preoccupied by the pain and emotion the potential matrimonial client is experiencing, typically resulting in a costly investigation with minimal results.

At Integrated Security, most of our matrimonial investigations begin after you have retained legal counsel. Your investigation requires careful mapping and should be consistent with your attorney’s legal strategy. Potential Matrimonial Clients need to be reminded that a Divorce or “dissolution of marriage” is a legal process in which a judge or other authority dissolves the bonds of matrimony existing between two persons.

Since October 2010, no-fault divorce has been available in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. However, No-Fault divorce only resolves “liability” leaving other critical legal issues such as spousal support, child custody, child support, distribution of assets and division of debt to be resolved. Our investigations focus solely on these critical legal issues with the goal of obtaining factual information that contributes to the relevant and admissible evidence of these triable legal issues.

Medical Billing Review

Our staff has the capabilities to review medical records, bills, invoices and insurance documents to uncover any potential billing fraud.

Retail Shopping Integrity

Integrated has the ability to make sure that your employees and staff are adhering to the highest ethical and service standards when it comes to your business. Regardless if you’re a “mom and pop” or large chain operation, Integrity Shopping gives you first hand insight into what it’s like to be a customer. Information can range from completed questionnaires to audio and video recordings.

Risk Management Consulting

A clear assessment of underlying risk will help determine whether to accept or transfer risk. Our loss prevention and control expertise provides dependable solutions that go beyond insurance to impact the cost of risk equation. We help clients select the best options, execute them, and manage change.


Integrated has investigators with extensive experience in providing covert surveillance for a wide range of matters including, but not limited to, personal injury claims; workman’s compensation cases; matrimonial; and corporate matters. We utilize the latest digital recording and duplicating equipment, and support all fieldwork with a comprehensive report and courtroom testimony, if required.