Integrated Security Services, Inc., New York

Physical Security Services

Physical security is not a modern phenomenon. It exists in order to deter persons from entering or compromising a physical area.
For the last 19 years, Integrated has been developing security solutions that prevent or deter predators from theft, vandalism and other serious crimes.

Our seasoned security specialists will help you develop a physical security solution to resist these and other hostile acts. It can be as simple as changing the locks on your door or as advanced as iris scan access control, digital surveillance system and IP CCTV cameras. Each solution will be conceptualized and developed by applying current industry standards, environment, client specification and budget.

Sample Services

Armed/Unarmed Security Law Enforcement Professionals

Integrated maintains a large staff of seasoned, highly skilled, law enforcement professionals from the local law enforcement community ready to be deployed for long and short term security assignments. Our law enforcement staff are trained to problem solve, require a minimal amount of supervision and can liaison well with all public officials and outside agencies.

Cargo Screener Services – DHS/TSA Certified

January 6, 2009, Integrated Security Services signed an agreement with DHL Global Forwarding to provide DHS/TSA Certified Cargo Screeners at 10 nationally based cargo hubs, pursuant to the recommendations and mandates set forth by the 9/11 Commission. Integrated Security is currently screening cargo in 25 cities throughout the United States.

Executive Close Protection Services

Integrated maintains a fully vetted staff of highly trained and skilled law enforcement and military professionals to coordinate all your close protection-executive security needs. All agents possess certified advanced tactical skills and can serve in either an armed or unarmed capacity. All agents recruited for these specialized assignments have special operations dignitary protection training and experience.

Film Release Anti-Piracy Security

Security services and access control are available to the Film Industry to establish advanced proprietary control measures and piracy monitoring detection for new film releases at movie houses and private theaters.

National Verified Alarm Response Patrols

Security dispatchers with 24-hour on call access, can dispatch and deploy uniform security support to all alarm activations, and provide verification, as well as short and long term fixed physical security needs.

Neighborhood Community Patrol

A Neighborhood Community Patrol can be everything from a trained group of volunteers to a group of security professionals organized to increase the safety and quality of life in a neighborhood. Using a variety of patrol methods (i.e. vehicle, foot, bicycle, etc.) streets, parks, or schools are patrolled at target hours to deter crime and report incidents and problems to local officials.

School Safety and Traffic Officers

A School Safety Officer (SS0) is typically an un-armed security officer that receives additional training and equipment enabling them to provide a safe educational environment when assigned to a school. Some School Safety Officers may also be retired law enforcement professionals. The mission of the SSO is to not only provide for the safety of teachers, students, and faculty members, but to work closely with local law enforcement and other first responders on all school safety initiatives.

School Safety/Traffic Officers not only provide safety services inside the school, but also assist with parking enforcement in and around the perimeter of the school. Traffic Officers are trained by Integrated to educate drivers of the enforcement necessary and responsibilities associated with the streets around schools.

School Safety/Traffic Officers can also be utilized to assist schools with traffic control and enforcement at such events as graduations, evacuation drills, and other critical events.

Security Concierge Services

When traditional Concierge services are just not enough, the experience and training of a security professional, cross-trained to provide premium concierge services can be the right choice.

Special Event Security Services

No one can plan for every emergency, but careful planning of your special event will help you determine how much security and other assets are needed. Understanding the dynamic of the venue is critical when deciding what solution works best. The job of access control and managing large events requires strategic planning and resources. Read more about our event security process and experience here.

Specialized Access Control Officer Programs

When the job of traditional visitor reception calls for a more critical eye on visitor screening, mail service screening and more effective first-line support, Specialized Security Access Control becomes a smarter solution. We train seasoned former military & law enforcement professionals to transition into the corporate workplace and assume the duties of critical front-line and back of the house support staff.

Uniform & Non-Uniform Professional Guard Service

At Integrated we do not offer our clients, the widely held and oversimplified image or idea of Security Guards. Our Security Officers are hired and placed based on a minimum of 3 years physical security/access control experience. Officers are indoctrinated by Integrated’s seasoned management staff, on a highly cerebral method to approaching duties, tasks and responsibilities. All officers are executive level trained, with a focus on hospitality level service, procedures & practices.