Integrated Security Services, Inc., New York

Municipal / State / Federal Agencies

The private sector is playing an increasingly important role in providing services that were once considered exclusively the responsibility of government. The government now partners with the private sector to assist in research, development, communications and construction, and in diverse industries, such as telecommunications, transportation, shipping and environmental and waste control.

Federal & State BuildingGovernment agencies are also using the services of private investigators to assist in criminal and civil investigations, and fact finding. Integrated Security has been a leading private investigation firm chosen by several city and state agencies to participate in this collaborative effort. Agencies like the New York City Transit Authority/Metropolitan Transportation Authority and State of Connecticut, Public Defenders Office are an example of this unique partnership.

Another example of this hybrid investigative partnership is illustrated in our nine-year contract with the Mayor’s Office-City of Hartford, investigating police abuse and excessive force grievances. The City of Hartford, and its mayor, recognize the core competency and credibility companies like Integrated Security offer its constituents, providing greater transparency and better relations with its police department.

With our experience and diverse network of resources, Integrated Security continues to be in the forefront of the public-private partnership movement.

Below are a few of our municipal, state, and federal agency clients.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority

In 2009 we were awarded a contract to conduct claims investigations on behalf of the New York City Transit Authority regarding cases involving bus and subway accidents.

City of Hartford

In 2013 our contract with the City of Hartford was renewed, enabling Integrated to continue investigating complaints against the City of Hartford Police Department, involving police misconduct.

Office of Chief Public Defender – State of CT

Integrated works with assigned counsel, conducting criminal defense investigations on behalf of defendants, some who believe they were wrongly imprisoned (Habeas Corpus Petitions).

Criminal Justice Association

Integrated works with an association of criminal defense lawyers, representing defendants accused of Federal crimes.