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Mobile Device Forensics

Smart phones – Cell phones – Ipads – Thumb drives – Memory cards – Cameras – GPS devices

Mobile Device ForensicsAt Integrated, your investigation will be assigned to a seasoned law enforcement professional who specializes in computer crimes. We utilize accepted scientific best practices during the collection, preservation, examination and documentation of digital evidence. These practices are recommended by the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists, (IACIS) and the Computer Analyses and Response Team, (CART), of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Using these methods in our forensic examination, we are able to uncover key pieces of information, even data that is protected by encryption. We offer quick response and turnaround time for all smart phone or cell phone forensic examinations.

With expanded coverage that now includes more than 3000 phones and a growing list of GPS devices, we can provide the most complete mobile forensics solution available on the market.

Utilizing a proven user interface, a complete high-speed hex dump of the phone memory is delivered without the need of cumbersome PC drivers. Critical data such as user lock codes, and deleted information such as text messages, call history, pictures, and video are sorted and retrieved by your examiner.


Sample Services

Bluetooth Details

We can identify Bluetooth devices configured on a handheld. In many cases we can view Bluetooth logs to see all Bluetooth activity over a period of time.

Deleted Data

Have you emptied your recycle bin and believed your data was gone for good? Unless that data has been overwritten then chances are your deleted data is still there. We have the tools and expertise to view and recover previously deleted data.

Documents and PDF Files

We will locate and preserve any documents, spreadsheets, notes or PDF files stored on the handheld device. Our report will tag locate and tag and copy the documents for human review.

Email Messages

We can view email messages sent or received through the handset including the email header information which provides specific details of the origination and path of the message.

MMS Messages

We can view incoming or outgoing Multimedia Message Service (MMS) messages. MMS is the common protocol to send or receive camera phone images. We can recover the text and image sent in each message as well as when they were sent or received.

Music and Audio Recordings

We can locate and preserve any audio file saved in the handheld device. These could be music files and folders as well as personalized audio messages or voice recordings.

Phone Book

View the phone book of any Smart phone, cell phone or PDA. Our report displays an easy read view of the phone book or contact list including names, addresses, emails and phone numbers.


We will identify and locate digital images even images that have been previously deleted as long as they have not been overwritten. Depending on your mobile device we can track the date time and geographical location where the picture was taken.


We will copy the electronic data stored on your mobile device. We can copy over 3,000 Smart Phone and cell phone models usually within an hour and return the handheld device in perfect working order without detection that it has been copied. Our examination will take place on the copied data and a clean copy is preserved for any legal proceeding.

Push Messages

These messages can arrive after clicking on a free offer or other electronic advertisement. They can be accompanied by freeware, spyware or malware. We can recover the messages and track their origination. In addition we will scan your mobile device for any traces of malware or viruses.

SMS Messages

We can view incoming or outgoing text messages sent under the universal Short Message Service (SMS). We can in many cases recover text messages that have been previously deleted.


We will locate and recover any video images located on a hand-held device. In many cases we can recover complete video files or partial video files even if they were previously deleted.