Integrated Security Services, Inc., New York

Litigation Support Services

Over the years, our company has broadened its vision and grown to become an important resource to insurance carriers, insurance defense firms and the corporate business community seeking litigation support services for all phases of case preparation. Specializing in file review, witness location, obtaining written or recorded statements, asset location investigations, surveillance, and service of legal documents. We have operations in 12 states including New York, New Jersey, Texas, :

Case File Review

Our seasoned investigative staff has the capability to review and analyze your legal files, including all third party documents, expert reports and medical records.

Accident Site Inspection

When an accident or claim is reported to us, Integrated has the available staff to assign an investigator to your matter 24/7 regardless of time or location. Our investigators have the ability to respond to the scene and memorialize conditions through digital photography and/or video. If requested, we will also prepare a diagram and take measurements.

Medical Record Review

Key members of our investigative staff have professional experience in medical industry practices and are able to assist you with all aspects of medical document and treatment reviews.

Witness Statement Collection

An integral part of Integrated’s investigative services is the ability of our field investigators to obtain signed and/or recorded statements from witnesses and other parties involved in a civil or criminal lawsuit.

Court & Public Record Retrieval

Integrated has resources which enable us to obtain documents from federal, state and local agencies and courthouses throughout the country. Through confidential sources, we have the ability to locate and obtain difficult documents, such as police, fire and government related records.

Subpoena Preparation and Service

Integrated has a proprietary database, which enables us to prepare and serve all of your service of process needs. Our process servers are licensed with the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs and we are listed with NAPPS, the National Association of Professional Process Servers.

Civil & Criminal Witness Location

Our specialty is the ability to locate witnesses, including those hard to find, people who may have relocated to other parts of the country, and those living outside the United States.