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Protect Your Children from Unqualified Nannies

09 Apr

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When entrusting your child to the care of a stranger, a professional investigation into that person’s background may not be such a bad idea.

We‘d all love to keep an eye on our children 24/7, but sometimes it’s just not possible. The number of families with two working parents or working single parents is rising every year, and the demand for nannies and babysitters is higher than ever.

When work pressures rise, some parents rush into hiring decisions that aren’t grounded in enough credible information. Hiring the first nanny who applies for the job, and even a couple backup babysitters, won’t cut it when it comes to the safety of your children.

Real Work-Life Balance

When it comes to work-life balance, your child is always the first priority. A bad nanny will not only make your child’s later years more difficult for you, but may also inflict your child with long-lasting or even permanent trauma.

According to lohud, Teresa Taylor lived every working mother’s nightmare when she caught her new babysitter at lunchtime blasting music and cooking up a feast for friends, with her infant exhausted from crying and asleep on his “favorite” swing with a soiled diaper.

Taylor, a Fortune 200 executive, details how she dealt with the experience in her book, The Balance Myth. As she writes, there’s no room for guilt when it comes to your children. Parents must be willing to take time off of work and ask for help from friends and relatives if they want to raise their children with love and care. If they can’t get help from those close to them, they must take additional precautions when hiring a “professional.”

5 Minimal Precautions

Although Taylor’s experience with nannies got off to a scary start, she was able to rectify the situation. Her new babysitter, a co-worker’s daughter, had a wealth of experience and excellent references. To emulate Taylor’s success, Tammy Gold, author of the bestseller, Secrets of the Nanny Whisperer, recommends these five minimal precautions to avoid nanny nightmares, on Yahoo:

1. In-Home Trial

An interview is nothing close to a one-on-one with your child, and anyone can play with a baby for an hour. Gold recommends a paid in-home trial lasting a minimum of two days.

2. State Your Terms and Conditions

Make it clear what your deal breakers are. If you don’t believe in punishment, make this a clear prohibition. If you monitor your children’s diets, state in quantitative terms what you allow and don’t allow. Similarly, let your nanny know what foods you’re flexible on.

3. Monitor

If you have a camera, use it for the first few weeks and be open about it — there’s nothing wrong with wanting to see how your child is doing. If you don’t have a camera, have friends, family, or other babysitters visit unannounced.

4. Look for Changes in Behavior

Taylor knew something was wrong when her son started crying in his favorite swing. While getting used to any new nanny takes time, radical changes in your child’s behavior offer clear warning signs.

5. Create a Work Agreement

Don’t let household chores keep your babysitter from taking proper care of your child. Your child is the nanny’s first priority, and this should be clear.

Secure Background Checks

Hiring someone to take care of your child is no small task. That being said, your child shouldn’t have to go through an endless cycle of trial nannies, and as a working parent, your time and money are invaluable.

In addition to Gold’s five recommended precautions, a professional investigation into your potential nanny’s background is a must. High-level investigation will ensure not only that you’ll hire a good nanny, but also provide some much-needed peace of mind throughout the hiring process and beyond. Integrated Security Services promises to accomplish both tasks.

Jessica, a working mother, continues to “appreciate those who respect my time and meet my needs, and Integrated delivers responsive, efficient, and reliable service every time.”

Integrated can conduct a full-service background check on your nanny candidates, including social media screening. Moreover, covert surveillance and remote supervision are also services available to you.

For more information on what we do and how well we do it, read some other client testimonials and then consider ordering a service. When it comes to your kids, no step is too large in order to secure their safety and well-being.