Integrated Security Services, Inc., New York

Jacqueline Manning-Bainer

Jacqueline Manning-Bainer | Director Communications & Strategic Business Development

Jacqueline Bainer has been with Integrated Security Services since 2009 as our Connecticut Managing Director overseeing operations and strategic development of Integrated’s investigative portfolio. Early in her career, Ms. Bainer identified a need for an elevated level of professional management for discerning investigative clients and has been instrumental in linking Integrated’s premier services with the legal and insurance services industry.

Ms. Bainers’ many responsibilities have her coordinating Integrated’s investigative staff and overseeing all federal and state criminal defense investigations, civil rights violations, and police misconduct investigations for the City of Hartford-Civilian Complaint Review Board.

In 2016 Ms. Bainer was chosen by CBS Entertainment to demonstrate her detective skills on the reality series, Hunted, which premiered on January 22, 2017. Ms. Bainer worked alongside elite investigators from the FBI, CIA, NSA, Law Enforcement and various branches of the Military tracking down every day U.S. citizens competing as fugitives.

As Director of Communications & Strategic Development, Ms. Bainer has broadened her reach and will be working on launching new investigative and security initiatives for Integrated Security, as well as creating new business alliances within the security and investigative community. As Communication Director, Ms. Bainer will oversee the company’s public relations, marketing, and brand development.

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