Integrated Security Services, Inc., New York

Jacqueline Manning-Bainer

Jacqueline Manning-Bainer, Managing Director

Since October 2009, Jacqueline Manning-Bainer, has been Integrated Security’s Managing Director of our Hartford and Norwalk, Connecticut offices. Amongst many of her responsibilities, Ms. Manning-Bainer oversees all investigations including, federal and state criminal defense, civil rights violations, police misconduct, surveillance, personal injury claims, wrongful death, dram shop, insurance claims, individual and business asset, alter ego/corporate fraud, custodial and domestic disputes, fugitive recovery assistance, and service of process.

As managing director, Ms. Manning-Bainer functions as the senior case officer and participates in investigations when needed. Ms. Manning-Bainer specializes in legal research, comprehensive discovery review and factual analysis, identification of exculpatory and mitigating witnesses, forensic interviewing, obtaining records and documentation from private and government institutions, collecting and preserve evidence, comprehensive background investigations, reconstruction of crime scene and witness’ claims, trial assistance and preparation, surveillance, photographic and video documentation, locating assets, and assisting bail enforcement officers in fugitive recovery.

Additional responsibilities include: client consultations, formulate investigation action plans, review of investigative reports, assigning cases, executive liaison with clients, coordinating out of state and international investigations for Connecticut clients and preparing final reports and findings for the Civilian Review Board, City of Hartford on police misconduct cases.

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