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Hollywood Tricksters: Keeping an Eye On Your Suspicious Spouse

14 Apr

Hollywood signEven in a time when camera phones are everywhere, Hollywood stars are still getting away with scandalous affairs. Here’s the how and why on the marital scandals of showbiz.

In the golden age of Hollywood — think James Dean, Cary Grant, Greta Garbo — moviegoers tended to fawn over movie stars a bit more, rather than scouring their every move. And yet, if numerous articles are to be believed (such as on Listal) extramarital affairs were rampant during this era, as many of our most beloved actors and actresses got a bit closer with each other than we may have thought.

Today, in the age of TMZ and smartphones, one might think that Hollywood’s finest would think better of letting their wandering eyes make the decisions. But as any cynic could tell you, people are weak and always susceptible to temptation — especially actors living in a world where everyone is as wealthy and attractive as themselves.

Staying Hidden

But still — how do they do it? Wouldn’t it be impossible for a celebrity to cheat on his or her spouse in today’s society? That’s not the case, according to several accomplished sources, such as Hollywood Reporter. Though there’s a higher demand than ever to uncover information pertaining to Hollywood’s most mischievous celebrities, many of these pairings-off go unnoticed.

Of course, not all affairs slip under the radar, especially not in a paparazzi-laden city like Los Angeles. Steve Kroft, a married reporter on “60 Minutes,” was discovered to be courting an also married, Harvard-educated lawyer. It seems that Kroft was a bit careless with how he went about concealing this affair, if he even concealed it at all.

The two were reported to have met at a ritzy bar in Washington D.C., and their liaison landed them on the cover of the National Enquirer, which also included photos of the lovers’ text conversations.

So where are these cheaters heading off to? The list of off-the-beaten-track restaurants in L.A. is certainly quite slim, as even the most seemingly arbitrary destinations could be filled with photo-snapping fans.

Hotels like the Beverly Wilshire are out, too — they have become too public, as celebrities are left to wonder what friends or colleagues they may run into. Today, condos or Airbnb apartments are more commonly used, as they tend to be far more conspicuous.

Hiring the Best

Even so, much of the wrongdoing doesn’t even happen in the greater Los Angeles area. As actors must stay more and more careful, the culture on film sets has become more sexually charged. For outsiders, the reported tales of on-set trysts have a certain allure to them, yet for the spouses of Hollywood — those left at home — this is most certainly not the case.

Indeed, hearing one industry insider claim that “being on set during a production is akin to summer camp,” must make many Tinseltown spouses’ stomachs roll.

There are also numerous reports of bribed maitre d’s and hotel concierges across Hollywood itself, slipped a few bills in exchange for private info on cheating patrons and guests. To an increasingly concerned husband or wife, there are numerous reasons to grow a bit paranoid.

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