Integrated Security Services, Inc., New York

ESI Forensics

As more organizations implement more sophisticated methods of document management technology, the need for Electronically Stored Information (ESI) forensics has intensified. Our data forensic team possess both legal and law enforcement experience, and have the capacity to assist with large or small ESI-focused investigations. We have developed strategies for discovery requests, and have the ability to examine and measure the level of compliance in the materials produced. Additionally, we will work with your legal counsel to devise strategies to obtain compliance.

In Pre Investigation/Litigation matters we can assist with formulating a ESI discovery strategy and suggest technical language in your discovery request. During the investigation phase, Integrated Security can manage the processing of ESI, evaluate material produced to measure the level of compliance and assist legal counsel prepare for depositions and/or other legal examination.

ESI Foresnics Services


Evaluating ESI for content and context, including key patterns, topics, people & discussion.


We will identify, gather and flag responsive ESI for further use in the electronic discovery process (human processing and review, etc.).


Locating potential sources of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) and determining its scope, breadth and depth of the information.


We can image your company’s data before conducting any searches to ensure that ESI is protected against inappropriate alteration or destruction.


Reducing the volume of ESI and converting it, if necessary, to forms more suitable for review & analysis.


Delivering ESI to you and others in appropriate forms and using appropriate delivery mechanisms.


Evaluating and flagging ESI for relevance and privilege.