Integrated Security Services, Inc., New York

Employee Monitoring and Productivity Analysis

We have the ability to assist you with company-wide covert employee computer monitoring.

We can quickly provide customers with an audit of employee specific or enterprise-wide computer usage. We will provide you with detailed information well beyond just Internet activity. Our audit offers employers better tools to evaluate employee productivity. We also offer a home version of this monitoring service suitable for a stand-alone PC or laptop.

Employee Monitoring Services


We can locate and recover chat logs created in popular instant message programs. We can see both sides of the chat conversation.


We can view and monitor all incoming and outgoing email even if it is a web based email system. This includes looking at the actual email.


We can capture every single key stroke made on a computer and view it in a log text file. Periodic emails of the key stroke log activity can be sent to any remote email address which will allows managers regular review of activity.

Program Usage Review

Are you paying software license fees for programs your company is no longer using? We can provide an analysis of program usage by user, department or enterprise wide.

Remote Viewer

We can program a remote view of any work station computer monitor so that anything on the target monitor will be seen on a remote monitor.


We can search a computer or network storage for specific documents, images or PDFs.

Social Networks

We can monitor and view activity that takes place on social network sites like Facebook or My Space. See if your employees are spending work time on social networks instead of productivity.


We can track and view all web site activity. We can view searches favorites, bookmarks, logins and passwords on all major Internet browsers; Safari, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.