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When There’s a Breach in Digital Security, Executives Take the Fall

01 Sep

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When a company’s online security system is breached, it’s usually the top executives who get blamed. If you’re worried that you might end up in the line of fire, make sure to avoid a crisis like this one by taking the proper precautions.

Amy Pascal, Katherine Archuleta, and Stephen Fletcher have one thing in common: all three were top executives who took the fall after digital security breaches crippled their high-profile companies.


On May 15, 2012, Utah governor Gary Herbert announced that State CIO Steve Fletcher would be stepping down. The end of his career came early thanks to a breach that exposed mountains of personal data, including the social security numbers of 280,000 Medicaid recipients. How?

Well, claims that the data was stolen from a poorly-secured server. And Fletcher could only reply, “Until you have a breach, nobody really wants to step up and pay extra money for security.”

Amy Pascal, chairperson of Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE), also resigned after her personal emails to a slew of colleagues came to light in 2014 as part of a massive online breach of data.

Pascal might not be directly to blame for the breach that exposed unreleased films, thousands of emails, and the personal information of thousands of Sony Pictures employees, but evidence suggests that the company’s senior management blatantly ignored a series of advance warnings.

In 2007, Allan Holmes argued that Sony’s then-executive director of information security, Jason Spaltro, ignored the grave warnings of a security auditor.

Finally, Office of Personnel Management Director Katherine Archuleta stepped down earlier this year after a digital security breach exposed the details of millions of current and prospective government employees. And her resignation mercifully came to fruition thanks to the insistence of 20 different lawmakers that she be relieved of her duties.

Though the breach was discovered last June, investigators believe it to have first occurred over a year before that — a ridiculous length of time given the clear warnings the Office Of The Inspector General received about its poor data security.

Be Prepared

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Archuleta, Pascal and Fletcher all attempted at first to weather the storm of criticism, but when you’re implicated in the exposure of millions of people’s personal information, chances are that the storm will prove too great. Public apologies and after-the-fact security upgrades are simply too little, too late.

The best way to safeguard data belonging to your company, customers, and employees is to hire real professionals to routinely assess your online security and safety practices, then implement the strongest measures tailored to your specific needs.

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