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Data Forensics

With the surge of the digital age, advancing technologies have created new and more efficient ways to conduct business and share information.

photo-computer-securityToday, the majority of all data is being generated in digital format and 90% of all organizations are storing their records on some form of electronic media. Crimes targeting computer networks and hand-held devices are now commonplace. Protecting your network and data against Viruses, Denial-of-service attacks, Malware, Cyber stalking and Identity theft are just some of the services we offer.

At Integrated, your investigation will be assigned to a seasoned law enforcement professional who specializes in computer crimes. We utilize accepted scientific best practices during the collection, preservation, examination and documentation of digital evidence. These practices are recommended by the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists, (IACIS) and the Computer Analyses and Response Team, (CART), of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Using these methods in our forensic examination, we are able to uncover key pieces of information, even data that is protected by encryption. Additionally, we can often recover previously hidden, protected and deleted data. At the conclusion of your initial consultation, you will be assigned a forensic examiner who will work with you from start to finish.

The process of a forensic computer or cellular phone examination:

FREE Consultation
Any delay in identifying and preserving digital evidence that is vulnerable to spoilage or tampering can be costly! Contact us early to discuss your needs and see how ISS-DFS can help you – our consultations are free!

Engagement Letter
After discussing the details of the desired examination, we will prepare an engagement letter outlining the scope of our services and estimated cost.

Locating the Data
We work with the client, their IT department and legal team to identify and locate responsive data.

Acquiring the Data
We begin the process of acquiring the data by making a forensic image of the entire media. A write-protected device prevents contamination of the evidence during the imaging process. The result is a bit stream or “bit by bit” copy of the media without any changes to the original. We verify that the copy is exact, preserve the media and never conduct any analysis on the original. We use live acquisition tools to image network data and capture volatile evidence while a computer or network is still running.

The results of the analysis and searches are recorded and presented in a detailed written report. We document the processes used to obtain the evidence and we produce the evidence in written form or copied to a digital file.

Presentation and Expert Testimony
In the event that a matter proceeds to litigation, ISS-DFS will provide expert testimony and present our findings in a manner that juries can understand.

Data Forensics Services

Analysis and Searching

After consultation we use refined keyword searches of your data to find responsive information. We help to reduce costs by eliminating extraneous documents prior to analysis. We provide easy to read reports with suspect data attached in the report or in electronic form.

Call Records

View in easy to read fashion the call history log including incoming and outgoing mobile calls. From the phone’s internal memory we can view dates, times and durations of all calls.

Electronic Discovery

Our team will help you formulate an e-discovery plan to identify and locate electronic evidence. We will work with your legal and IT staff to determine where responsive data resides. We will use non-intrusive software to tag relevant documents for human review. We can also provide independent third party oversight of electronic evidence gathering.

Employee Monitoring and Productivity

Our specialized software is covertly installed on one work station or enterprise wide and immediately begins to produce an easy to read report showing exactly what employees are doing on work time. Track everything an employee does on their work computer!

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Mobile Device Forensics

We locate and recover information from Smart phones, cell phones, thumb drives, camera’s, PDA’s and even GPS units. We can in many cases recover previously deleted information or data which had been disguised or encrypted.

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