Integrated Security Services, Inc., New York

COVID-19 Workplace Safety for Reopening of Businesses

30 Aug

During the pandemic, Integrated Security and our executive team have been actively preparing for a safe return to the workplace. In the post COVID-19 workplace, security & safety regulations require that every workplace have competent management on both sides of the table, designated to oversee, implement and evaluate these new workplace safety initiatives. Not all solutions will work, which doesn’t necessarily mean failure, but quick and decisive decision making will be critical and have a direct impact on the operational health of your organization.

Today, mitigating the impact of the COVID-19 virus increases the difficulty of that process. Exacerbating the outcome and even more problematic, is those now officially tasked as responsible for workplace safety often include many who have no prior safety training.

At Integrated Security our stated mission is always to preserve life first. Our mission has not changed, and the goal of our security staff is to help you send every employee, student, resident or guest home safe everyday – no function is more important to us! No security provider wants to find out the hard way that their safety processes were insufficient or cut corners, no matter how cost effective.

We understand that pre pandemic many of you had a limited need for a dedicated safety role, but this has not been our first challenge together. While at work we are often “thrown into” sudden unplanned for emergencies, however being suddenly accountable for COVID-19 safety comes with heavy responsibilities. Just one individual working unsafely poses a hazard to co-workers, employee’s families and other third parties. From our perspective as safety professionals, we either promote & practice safe working conditions, or learn painfully how unsafe practices cause unsafe incidents.

Let Integrated Security become you partner in reopening our business community. Good safety procedures can heighten safety awareness on a daily basis and cause safety to be in the front of everyone’s minds- daily. For more information on our services please email us at :, or call our toll free number (888) 808-9119 to speak with one of our licensed security professionals.