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An Unusual Side Effect- Battling COVID 19 & the New Risks to the Supply Chain

12 Apr

For those of you involved in supply chain logistics, cargo handling and screening may be noticing how the COVID-19 pandemic has produced an unusual side effect. Ordinary consumer products that normally see a lower level of theft are increasingly becoming the focus of unwelcome criminal attention. Now, more than ever, our partners in the law enforcement community have advised us that thefts within the supply chain is currently of a growing major concern, most especially of pharma and general household consumer protection products.

As many of you know, theft prevention strategies should be implemented at all levels of the movement of material, from manufacturing to end-user. However, most security programs are implemented for high risk and high value items such as cell phones, PCs and PC chips, consumer electronics, pharmaceuticals, high fashion, etc.

Lower on the totem pole are items like paper goods, household cleaners, personal hygiene products, etc. While items such as these have been targeted in the past, the pandemic has increased their value and theft and pilfering of these consumer goods for the black and gray markets, as well as shipments to international destinations are on the uptick.

While the impact of COVID-19 on our world economy has slowed the movement of most luxury goods to a crawl due to lack of consumer need, what has increased is the need for paper goods, household cleaners, personal hygiene products, including, but not limited to, medical support materials or PPE. And, just over the short-term horizon will be the pharmaceuticals that have been shown to be effective in the treatment of COVID-19 and any potential vaccines for the virus. These materials are invaluable to humanity in any country, not just the USA.

At least for now, these will be the [new] high value goods. Both in the monetary sense of the financial impact associated in development, production and sales. But, also in human need in the areas and countries where proper treatments are seriously lacking.

Now is the time for you examine your supply chain for theft risk and vulnerability involving your own security programs and protocols. Or, if you enlist 3pls, freight forwarders or supply chain providers for the handling of your material, a stern review of their security programs that may be in place for the protection of your goods, is essential.

Integrated consultants have the expertise to conduct internal and/or external assessments of your operations. In additional to armed physical security transportation escorts, we offer unique approaches, strategies and tactics to help minimize the risk of theft resulting in monetary losses as well as interruption of production for all modes; air, ocean and ground; domestically or internationally. We are ready to help.

These times call for a re-examination of your security programs that may not have been a priority only a few months ago. For more information contact Dr. Arthur Arway at: or call us toll free at: (888) 808-9119.