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Forbes: The Cost Of Protecting The CEO

28 Aug

Lehman Brothers Chief Executive Richard Fuld did learn a thing or two from the fall of Bear Stearns. When the 85-year-old Wall Street institution nearly went out of business a few months ago before being swept up by JPMorgan Chase, James Cayne, Bear’s chairman, hired a bodyguard. According to recent news reports, Fuld has followed […]

New York Daily News: What The Snoops Look For In Background Checks

26 Jul

You thought the interview went great, but you didn’t get the job. You don’t know why. You constantly replay the interview in your mind, scrutinize your résumé for typos and torture yourself about the outfit you wore. Nothing connects, but perhaps they said something about a background check? More companies are using them to develop […]

New York Daily News: Flaw & Disorder At Garden

03 Sep

By Celeste Katz, Michele McPhee and Thomas Zambito Daily News Staff Writers THE SHOCKING security breaches at the Republican National Convention were somewhat inevitable, law enforcement officials conceded yesterday. With no photos or a more high-tech security device on convention credentials, it was far too easy for uninvited guests to crash the GOPers’ party. “If […]