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Social Scams and Terrorism

16 Jun

Our blog entries have discussed various scams that our clients have been unsuspected victims of over the past couple of years. We talked about scammers searching for vulnerable people looking for love on dating services. We discussed the widespread and growing problems of Ransomware; when a computer literally becomes taken over by criminals. Recently, depending […]

Beware of Mystery Shopper Scams

07 Jun

We were approached recently by a client believing he was the victim of a scam. He had answered an advertisement online about becoming a mystery shopper. Next, he received a $2,000 check in the mail and deposited the check in his bank account. Within an hour of depositing the check, he received a text message […]

Privatizing the TSA is not the Answer

19 May

Hundreds of passengers wait in the TSA security line at Nashville International Airport. James R. Martin / By now, we have all experienced the good and bad, effective and not so effective process our government has put in place to secure our travel both inside and outside the homeland. I think we can all […]

Why Campus Security Should be Part of Your College Search Part II

27 Apr

In part one of relevant safety and security questions that parents and prospective students should consider when selecting a college, we discussed residential housing security and safety protocols, student access to healthcare services and mental health support, and general campus and community security operations and performance. In part two, we will go over the importance […]

Why Campus Security Should be Part of Your College Search

04 Apr

It is clearer than ever that sending your kids off to college, always an arduous process, has become even more complex with the rise of on and off campus violence. Nationwide, 17 percent of college students indicated they had experienced some form of violence or harassment. These violent acts include harassment, stalking, vandalism, physical assault, […]

The Importance of Social Media to a Private Investigator

15 Mar
Social Media

Most of the time, private investigators succeed by conducting old-fashioned PI work such as knocking on doors, canvassing locations, conducting surveillance at a fixed location and interviewing witnesses; however, extensive fieldwork can be costly to the client and, without proper pre-field research, unproductive. During the early stages of the computer age, private investigators had no […]

The Rise of the Criminal Bank Teller

18 Feb

Perhaps you’re concerned about using your debit card at an ATM machine after reading about all the recent scams that have been occurring. Maybe you’re still somewhat old fashioned and prefer the security of a teller, especially when you’re making a large deposit, and you grew up going to the bank window and never had […]

The Story Behind Super Bowl And Other Large Event Security

07 Feb
Levi Stadium for Super Bowl

Did you ever wonder what it take to secure the Super Bowl? Threats are everywhere in our modern world, which requires security and law enforcement professionals to build complex site-specific security programs that mitigate the risks posed by the wide range of threats while not compromising the celebration of the event. For the general public […]

Determining Property Ownership of a LLC

04 Feb
UES Brownstones

Occasionally, private investigators are asked to find the true identity of the owner of property that is owned by a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Most of the time, the property is a luxury property, and the majority of these transactions are cash transactions. There could be many reasons why a client may hire a private […]