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How To Manage Risk: A Basic Guide To Risk Assessment Services

15 Apr

Since 9/11, the threats confronting our local communities are constantly evolving and increasing in their complexity. Many companies and organizations make the wrong choice or no choice at all regarding emergency and critical incident response preparedness. Security and safety health checkups are a critical operational function to ensure your organization is prepared to respond to […]

Privatizing the TSA is not the Answer

19 May

Hundreds of passengers wait in the TSA security line at Nashville International Airport. James R. Martin / By now, we have all experienced the good and bad, effective and not so effective process our government has put in place to secure our travel both inside and outside the homeland. I think we can all […]

Why Campus Security Should be Part of Your College Search Part II

27 Apr

In part one of relevant safety and security questions that parents and prospective students should consider when selecting a college, we discussed residential housing security and safety protocols, student access to healthcare services and mental health support, and general campus and community security operations and performance. In part two, we will go over the importance […]

Why Campus Security Should be Part of Your College Search

04 Apr

It is clearer than ever that sending your kids off to college, always an arduous process, has become even more complex with the rise of on and off campus violence. Nationwide, 17 percent of college students indicated they had experienced some form of violence or harassment. These violent acts include harassment, stalking, vandalism, physical assault, […]

Understanding The Psychology Behind Violent Police Incidents

28 Jan

I would like to begin 2016 with another complicated current event dominating both local and national news: police shootings and police violence. Like you, I, along with many of my professional colleagues in the law enforcement community, am struggling for answers to justify this uptick in “bad” police encounters. This is not a new phenomenon, […]

Managing Fear: Living with Terrorism

15 Dec

In the wake of the recent attacks in Paris, Mali and now San Bernardino, I asked myself the question raised by many Americans and specifically those living and working in major metropolitan cities: do I/we possess the social resilience to overcome what feels like a case of chronic terrorism? As a company owner who practices […]

Addressing Workplace Violence: When The Correct Response Counts The Most

17 Nov

The good and bad news about being a business owner is working with people. Specifically, the employees who collect your paycheck and who are the cornerstone of your success as a business owner and the backbone of your operations. But every business owner will tell you that managing people, specifically a “bad” employee, is a […]