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Bill Cosby: A Cautionary Tale

21 Apr

bill cosby mural Ted Eytan/flickr

Facing a mounting list of sexual assault and rape allegations, comedian Bill Cosby has reportedly turned to a last line of defense in an attempt to discredit his many accusers: a “battalion” of private investigators.

Page Six of the New York Post reports that the recently disgraced comedian Bill Cosby has retained the services of a so-called “battalion” of private investigators.

Cosby, who until last year had somehow been able to avoid public criticism throughout his career for sexual assault allegations that began to surface ten years ago, according to Vulture, has finally been brought under the eye of public scrutiny.

After a sharp stand-up routine from Hannibal Buress condemning Cosby went viral, a seemingly endless group of women came forward to file charges and make public statements against the once revered comedian.

In the face of these allegations, there’s been a great deal of public outcry, causing Cosby’s once-stellar reputation to take a pretty lethal hit. In the aftermath, it appears that Cosby is using the private investigators to “dig up dirt” on each of his many accusers in the hopes that tarnishing their reputations might undermine their claims against him.

These relatively desperate efforts probably won’t unearth anything that will exonerate him or even repair his image in any way. The consequences of his PIs’ investigations will likely end up ugly for everyone involved — unfortunate as it is, the results of this desperate digging will likely take a few of his accusers down with him in some way or another.

Truthful Information is Important

While the Cosby story is an extreme and somewhat controversial case, it does provide a textbook example of a situation in which the services of a PI might be worth retaining. You don’t have to be an A-list celebrity to be faced with potentially life-altering defamatory allegations.

You never know when a seemingly minor traffic incident or disagreement with a stranger could turn into a battle of reputations, especially if a situation ends up squarely in the crosshairs of public scrutiny.

In these cases, having information about your opponent’s past and character could be the key to clearing your name, or to providing reasonable doubt about the validity of someone’s claim against you, as with Cosby’s case.

Similarly, in the case of a private incident entering the public eye, it’s always possible that the media might have an ulterior agenda and “bend the truth,” which is what Cosby claimed after the allegations started to emerge.

Once the hype-machine grabs hold of a story, it can be hard to differentiate between what’s definitely true and what might just be conjecture made to fit the popular sentiment. Private investigators can unearth the cold, concrete facts, no matter how much they depart from the media’s chosen narrative.

Who Needs Private Investigators?

Penn State Law/flickr

Penn State Law/flickr

You don’t necessarily have to be in a litigious situation to need the services provided by a quality private investigator. A PI can be helpful or even necessary anytime that you have reasonable cause to question someone’s background.

Consider the fact that before you can be hired for many jobs, you’re required to submit to a background check. Why should your personal life and relationships be any different?

Mysterious new acquaintances, business partners, and even significant others in certain situations might merit a thorough background check before you fully commit to further dealings with them. When it comes to trusting people in the most important and sensitive circumstances, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Private investigators can indeed provide surveillance and criminal investigation like the comic book PIs we know so well, but those services are just the tip of the iceberg of what a qualified PI firm like Integrated Security Services can offer.

Almost any scenario in which you might need expert investigation and analysis is available, from risk management consulting to how to handle and process DNA Evidence. Investigations require trained professionals and more importantly, confidentiality.

In the case of Bill Cosby, using private investigators might not do much more than make him feel better about his situation, or shift perspective from a defensive to offensive response to his critics.

Whether you are Bill Cosby, or navigating through a divorce, business acquisition or mounting a civil or criminal defense, establishing the facts or disproving an allegation may impact on your personal or professional credability, financial stability, or worse, your freedom! The services of a trusted private investigator can make a difference — 20 years of experience is why people choose Integrated Security Services.