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Background and Pre-Employment Screening Services

Employment Check Why conduct a background check as part of your pre-employment screening process?
Here are some of the reasons:

  • The average cost of recruiting, hiring and training an employee can range from $3,000 to $25,000 depending on the position. A comprehensive background check helps ensure your investment and typically costs less than 1% of your hiring expense.
  • In a limited job market and poor economy, resumes often contain false or misleading information. While this varies by industry and position, if not uncovered prior to hiring, it can be very damaging to your company’s reputation. Additionally, with new laws associated with DUI or DWI (Driving Under the Influence or Driving While Intoxicated) approximately 10% of all Criminal Record Searches now reveal some level of criminal history.
  • Lastly, irresponsible hiring practices result in jury awards that routinely cost employers and their insurance companies millions of dollars to settle. This does not include legal expenses. A well thought out pre employment screening program usually helps prove that proper due diligence was executed.

At Integrated the average turnaround time for all background checks and pre-employment screening reports is approximately 2-3-business days. Regardless of the size of your organization, Integrated can develop a cost effective pre-employment screening solution to manage your hiring needs.

Sample Services

Background Screening for Business Acquisitions

Integrated can perform a discreet financial background check on businesses and their principles, in order to determine the stability of a prospective investment. These checks include all liens, judgments, tax suits, civil and criminal lawsuits as well as any print or electronic social media.

Claimant Profiles

Through a proprietary database search, Integrated can obtain detailed background information on plaintiffs, claimants and defendants, which will assist attorneys in the preparation of their cases. Other reports, including criminal records, credit and litigation histories may also be available.

Executive Profiles & Due Diligence

Our litigation Services Division can perform discreet and confidential background investigations on high profile executives and their companies, especially critical during the vetting and acquisition process. Corporate due diligence can be as simple or comprehensive as your needs and budget will tolerate.

Home Care & Domestic Workers

Integrated can perform a discreet background check, with a focus on financial stability, criminal history and social media. Covert electronic surveillance with remote supervision is also available.

Matrimonial Defense Actions

Matrimonial lawsuits can be a very stressful and emotional time. Our seasoned investigative staff can provide you and your legal advisor with confidential solutions to troubling questions or factual data. We maintain discrete personal contact with client and attorney, and conduct all investigations in a timely manner.

Pre-Employment Screening

The business of exercising due diligence and pre-qualifying individuals must be measured against a company’s tolerance to risk. Why conduct pre-employment screening checks? 1) Will the courts or my insurance carrier acknowledge that I exercised reasonable and appropriate due diligence commensurate with common hiring practices; 2) Can my business tolerate the cost associated with a bad hiring decision and at what cost is my company willing to spend to avoid unnecessary insurance claims and litigation. If the answer to any of these questions is no, then pre-employment screening is not an option.

Pre Marriage Spousal Profiles

Everybody wants a happy marriage and you can if you get a few issues cleared before you say ‘I Do.’ Concerned about the integrity of your partner? Integrated can perform a discreet background check and/or field-test to uncover conflicts and resolve doubt.

Witness Profiles

To assist attorneys in preparing their cases for trial, we can conduct a background investigation on potential witnesses, whom may be called for testimony or be considered adversarial.