Integrated Security Services, Inc., New York

Analysis and Keyword Searching

Our specialized software allows us to locate and recover previously deleted data on computers, Smart phones, cell phones, thumb drives, memory cards, PDAs, iPads and even GPS devices.

Our file carving capabilities can reconnect fragmented files and make them suitable for viewing. We work closely with the client to develop key search terms relevant to your case. We are experienced in refining our searches to exclude similar but unrelated data, thereby reducing your costs.


Chat Logs

We can locate and recover chat logs created in popular instant message programs. Many times we can see both sides of the chat.

Data Carving

Our specialized software will re-connect fragmented files so they can be viewed normally. We identify linked files that are responsive to your data search needs. Data carving is accomplished using specialized forensic software.

Date and Time Stamps

We identify relevant files and applications and record date and time stamps for date created or date modified.

Email Activity

We can locate email activity data and identify sent or received emails including any attachments.

Examine OS Registry and Log Files

We will examine the operating system registry and log files for records of any changes made to the system. We can determine if system changes were authorized by a user or whether those changes were executed by a virus or malware.

File Extension Mismatches

We use specialized software to identify file extension mismatches and flag those files for further investigation. Changing the file extension on a graphic image will prevent that image from being detected in a regular operating system search. We can find file extensions that do not match the file.

Identify USB Plug-Ins

We can examine registry and event log data to see what devices or peripherals were connected, inserted or removed in the USB ports.

Internet History

We can identify Internet visit and search history from all major Internet browsers including Apple, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. We can view recent Internet searches and locate recently visited web sites.

Keyword Searching

We will work with your team to develop key search terms and expressions to search across your databases for responsive information. We will locate and copy relevant documents and images and provide pointers to their original location.

Meta Data File Information

We can dig deep into the origination and alterations of document or image files. The metadata in these files can hold valuable information about who, when and where a file was created or modified.

Remote GPS Tracking

We can install covert GPS tracking devices and monitor movements remotely and in real-time. We offer short term and longer term monitoring and reporting.

Screen Snapshots

We can screen shot a target computer and capture a picture of their screen at will or at regular intervals and store those images in a dedicated file.

Search Documents, Spreadsheets and PDFs

We will keyword search and flag relevant documents for human review. We can search by subject heading or key words located in the body of the document.

Search Graphic Images

We will search electronic media for graphic or digital images. We can identify efforts to disguise or hide images. We can recover images that have previously been deleted.

Searching Unallocated Space

We will search drive space that is not currently being used by the operating system but may still contain valuable evidence. This includes previously deleted data which is not accessible by consumer software tools.

Website Blocking

We can program specific computers or work stations to block access to any web site you wish. The blocking and filtering can be tailored to your specific needs.