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Access Control Solutions

Security CameraHow do I choose the right access control solution?
At Integrated, identifying the correct technology to interface with your living or working environment is critical from many perspectives. Most importantly is the functionality and serviceability associated with your solution. Bad “expert” advise may in fact disrupt services and not address your underline security needs.

This is where our expert technical staff becomes your collaborative partner.

Developing a sound Access Control Solution must be managed in the following phases:

  • On-site consultation & survey
  • System design
  • Installation & testing
  • Training
  • Maintenance

The fundamental methodology of physical security has not changed, the goal: to deter, detect, delay and deny access. A critical element in every successful security and safety plan, is a well thoughtout integrated access control solution. Whether the your system uses passive infrared motion sensors; card swipe access; electronic locks; biometrics; or IP based video surveillance cameras, today’s technology can be custom designed to adapt to complex environments and lifestyles.

Sample Services

Design Development & Integration

Our technicians provide innovative and superior solutions that enable organizations to protect their people and assets. Included are flexible, end-to-end solutions for issuing and managing identity credentials, access control and security management challenges from small to multi-national organizations.

Bid Review / Bidder Selection

Integrated Security has expert consultants and the tools needed for evaluating bids and selecting suppliers. We have a team of excellent independent advisors to collaborate with clients in the post bid review process. Our consultants naturally identify missing answers, incoherence or other problems in the bid.

Security Site Inspections and Surveys

Site Inspections and surveys are questions and checklists that the security consultant/technician must complete in order to examine, evaluate, and make recommendations associated with the total security solution. A comprehensive survey is geared toward protecting the most critical assets, mitigate risk and loss, along with a full range of strategies for less important assets.

Review Preliminary Architectural Plans

The Preliminary Design Review is a formal inspection of the high-level architectural design of an automated system and technology. Overall project status, proposed technical solutions, evolving software products and associated documentation are reviewed at a high level to determine completeness & consistency with all industry standards. The architectural design is also reviewed to resolve any technical and/or project-related issues, as well as identify and mitigate any related business risks.

Security Construction Administration

The Security Construction Administrator is responsible for comprehensive & timely administration of project related documentation & information. Their primary role is to represent the Owner and/or Architect in all project meetings & field matters relating to the total security solution. The Administrator will make periodic site visits, record observations & report to the Project Manager all observations related to the status of completion, quality of workmanship & compliance with Contract Documents.

Custom Application Development

Our seasoned technicians work on your project from its conceptualization through and beyond its completion and implementation. We will manage the project engagement to ensure that the project goals and timelines are met and within budget. We will remain with you to insure that your technical personnel and other employees can successfully use the application. We also offer customized support contracts to meet most any need.

Schematic Design Issue Programming Report

During the programming phase of your project, our security technician will attend all project meetings and respond to stakeholder comments and issues. This phase will allow the technician to analyze all security threats and risks and make recommendations. A written security assessment and narrative description; including the scope of the proposed security design for architectural, operational and technical security measures is made ready for presentation.

Broadcast Services Network Design

Integrated offers a wide range of security services to organizations of all sizes that can help protect your entire network, safeguard the perimeter, critical internal assets, data, remote users, customers and partners. At Integrated, we mitigate risks before they reach your network.

CATV Distribution Electronics System Design

Integrated specializes in electronic design and development as well as creating prototypes from ideas presented to us. Our goal is to develop and integrate your solution in order to create a final product that is cost effective, robust and reliable.

Paging/Public Address System Design

Integrating your Paging/Public Address System into your total security solution ensures the safety of all persons whether your facility is a school, hospital, warehouse or Class A commercial building. Urgent announcements, emergency calls and evacuation instructions must be clear and contemporaneous to a security alarm or alert.

PC and Server Specifications

A company owner’s greatest fear is perpetrators breaking into their mainframe or PC file server and tampering with or extracting confidential data. While protecting your technology from a virus remains an important initiative for management, the theft of intellectual information by “insiders” mandates careful security strategies to protect your business continuity and mitigate loss.

Produce Security Construction Documents

The Construction Documents phase is the last stage of the design process. The security technician will focus on finalizing the drawings and specifications for all security components and inter-related systems. A complete set of Contract Documents provides a comprehensive, fully coordinated set of construction documents and specifications that the Project Manager uses to determine cost and necessary permits, etc.